The World's First Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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TappLock Series: TappLock and TappLock Lite

Shared Features

Both Tapplock and Tapplock Lite share the following features

Biometric Fingerprint Sensor (0.8 sec to freedom)

TappLock Series uses fingerprint access with cutting edge encrypted fingerprint sensor. It grants access with just a tap in 0.8 seconds.

There is nothing to remember, and nothing you can lose.

It uses the one thing you always have with you. Your unique fingerprint.

Access Sharing

The TappLock Series mobile app allows you to share access with (and revoke access from) your friends and family through your smartphone. The app allows you to customize the time, location, and duration of each individual’s access.

You may store up to 500 different fingerprints. The TappLock app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

The history function of the mobile app allows you to keep a track of padlock use by your family and friends.


TappLock Series is water resistant, more durable and rugged than most traditional padlocks.

We are testing with IP 67 waterproofness to equip their world-class nano coating technology.

Bluetooth Access

TappLock Series can also be accessed with Bluetooth. Your phone can also act as the key to your lock.

Long Lasting Battery

TappLock has a rechargeable battery that can last 1 ~ 2 years on one charge.

TappLock Lite uses replaceable batteries that can last for 6 month.

TAPP mobile application will dispatch notifications when the batteries are low on charge. Even with 5% battery life, TappLock can still last for months.


Feeling insecure about storing your fingerprint information in TAPP? Leave those worries behind! Our fingerprint sensor has the same level of security as the iPhone fingerprint sensor. So, no one can access that information but your own TAPP!

All fingerprint data is stored securely, and exclusively, within the electronic fingerprint module inside the TappLock; this data is neither accessable by, nor shareable with, a third party (product manufacturers included).


Tapplock: A PadLock for the Modern Age

The Ultimate in Convenience and Security.

We think it was about time to create a padlock for the modern age. We believe a lock should always be secure and functional, and provide you with a quick, easy access whenever you need it.

Tapplock Lite

Tapplock Lite: A Trusted Travel Companion

Designed for Travel

TappLock Lite is designed with travellers in mind. It is small, lightweight, water-resistant and secure!